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Dan Cooper Ecologist

Dan Cooper Ecologist

About Us

Cooper Ecological Monitoring, Inc. (EIN 72-1598095) was founded in 2005 by Daniel S. Cooper, formerly with Audubon California, and author of "Important Bird Areas of California" (2004).

Often working with a network of partner biologists, including Jen Mongolo of Map Ecology, we bring extensive experience in designing and conducting habitat assessments and species inventories (especially birds and local plants), and employ the latest ecological principles and techniques.

What We Do

Environmental Compliance (CEQA/NEPA) and Monitoring

We help write and review biological sections of environmental impact reports, and advise clients on avoiding impacts to protected species and natural resources during development and restoration projects.

Biological Assessments

A lifelong birder and outdoor enthusiast, I have been studying southern California’s flora and fauna professionally for more than 10 years, and tailor survey methods to meet both our client's needs and the characteristics of each site. While most of our work focuses on birds, we work with a network of colleagues with a diverse range of specialized knowledge.

Protocol Surveys for the California Gnatcatcher and other special-status bird species

Need a gnatcatcher survey done? Think there's a rare species on your property? Don't take the risk—work with experts first.

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Long-Term Research Projects

Horned Lizard and Griffith Park

Griffith Park

After a major fire in 4,000-acre Griffith Park, Cooper Ecological Monitoring was selected by the City of Los Angeles to advise the Department of Recreation and Parks on the post-fire recovery of the site. Since then, we have worked with neighborhood groups and advocacy organizations to continue ecological research in the park.
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Cinnamon Teal Ducks in Ballona Wetlands

Ballona Wetlands

With Robb Hamilton of Hamilton Biological, we worked with the Los Angeles Co. Dept. of Beaches and Harbors to update and pass the Marina del Rey Local Coastal Program, and continue to monitor nesting herons and other waterbirds here. From 2003-2013, we conducted quarterly bird surveys and avifaunal analysis of nearby Ballona Freshwater Marsh and the Playa Vista Riparian Corridor for E Read and Associates, Inc., and mapped birds across the entire Ballona Wetlands for the Bay Foundation from 2009-2012.
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Coastal Cactus Wren

Coastal Cactus Wren Survey

In spring 2009, we worked with the Nature Conservancy to organize, train and supervise a team of more than 20 volunteers to conduct the first-ever comprehensive survey of this rare bird in Los Angeles County. In 2012, we worked with the Western Foundation for Vertebrate Zoology and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to launch a similar project in Ventura County.

birds in malibu lagoon

Malibu Lagoon Restoration

Starting in 2012, we began conducting nesting bird and post-restoration monitoring at the lagoon, which will continue through 2017.

Santa Monica Mountains Coastal Zone

Santa Monica Mountains

Working with Robb Hamilton of Hamilton Biological, Cooper co-authored a Conservation Analysis of the Santa Monica Mountains Coastal Zone, which served as the scientific underpinning for the recently-updated Local Coastal Program for the region. He now works with clients, including private equestrian facilities and other landowners, to bring facilities up to compliance, and to balance development with long-term preservation of the region’s natural resources.

Dan Cooper Ecologist

Dan Cooper Ecologist


The California Gnatcatcher and (Coastal) Cactus Wren in the Santa Monica Mountains/Simi Hills: Two Species on the Edge with Dan Cooper

Theodore Payne Foundation - Ed Center
10459 Tuxford Street, Sun Valley, CA 91352
Sat., March 19, 2016, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Learn the historical and current local status of the California gnatcatcher and cactus wren, two sensitive bird species that depend on low-elevation coastal sage scrub in southern California and occur in hills surrounding the L.A. Basin. Implications for habitat conservation and restoration in Los Angeles and Ventura counties will be discussed. Class includes a short walk on TPF grounds (bring your own binoculars).

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Dan Cooper Ecologist

Dan Cooper Ecologist

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Dan Cooper began birding southern California as a kid growing up in the 1980s, and is now a moderator for the county-wide birding listserve and the Los Angeles Audubon Facebook Group. Dan has led birdwalks and field trips in California and the Southwest for more than 20 years, and loves to share his passion for natural history with his clients.

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Dan Cooper Ecologist

Dan Cooper Ecologist


Baldwin Hills

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Ballona Wetlands/Marina del Rey

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Portal Ridge Area

Cooper, D.S. 2011. Biological Survey of two properties in the vicinity of Three Points, northwestern Los Angeles County, California. Prepared for Transition Habitat Conservancy, June 20, 2011. (PDF), additional figures. (PDF)

Cactus Wren

Cooper, D.S., R.A. Hamilton, and S. Lucas. 2012. A population census of the cactus wren Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus in coastal Los Angeles County. Western Birds 43(3):151-163. (PDF)

Alluvial Fan Scrub

Cooper, D.S. 2011. Biological Assessment of Padua Park and regional reference sites. Prepared for City of Claremont, Nov. 4, 2011. (PDF)

Madrona Marsh

Cooper, D.S. and E. Fiesler. 2012. Madrona Marsh Preserve Biological Inventory (Final Report). Prepared for Friends of Madrona Marsh and City of Torrance, January 27, 2012. (PDF), appendices. (PDF)

Griffith Park and Vic.

Cooper, D.S. and P. Mathewson. 2009. Griffith Park wildlife management plan (Final). Report submitted to the Los Angeles Dept. of Recreation and Parks by Cooper Ecological Monitoring, Inc., Contract No. 2930. Jan. 22, 2009. 94 Pp, incl. appendices. (PDF)

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Cooper, D.S. 2008. Ecological assessment of open space remnants in northeastern Los Angeles. Prepared for Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA), Los Angeles, Calif. Nov. 15, 2008. (PDF), appendices. (PDF)

Palos Verdes Peninsula

Cooper, D.S. 2013. Palos Verdes Nature Preserve Survey for the California Gnatcatcher and the Cactus Wren. Prepared for the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy, Los Angeles County, January 3, 2013.

Cooper, D.S. 2011. Post-fire survey for the California gnatcatcher and the cactus wren at the Portuguese Bend Reserve, Palos Verdes (Final Year 2). Prepared for the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy, Rolling Hills Estates, CA. Sept. 26, 2011. (PDF)

San Fernando Valley

Cooper, D.S. 2011. Biological inventory of Elmer Avenue Neighborhood Retrofit Project (Sun Valley, Los Angeles, California). Prepared for Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council, July 29, 2011. (PDF)

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